Fat Reduction

3DLipo - The Fastest Fat Removal in London

Fat freezing, with the 3DLipo Medical Device, permanently removes stubborn fat. 3D lipomed for fat freezing and with over a million treatments already performed, not only is it safe but it is also been scientifically proven to permanently reduce the number of fat cells by as much as 25%-40%, comfortably and quickly. It is a non-invasive treatment that only takes 45 minutes for each area to be treated.
Get a beautifully sculpted body and enjoy a new slimmer you!

3D Lipomed works by freezing the fat cells. These fat cells die off over an eight to twelve week period. The beauty is that they never return, so you enjoy lifelong results from a 3D Lipo session in Mayfair.
The procedure is pain free and there is no downtime, it can be done in a lunch break. Most people see incredible results after just one forty five minute session. 3D Lipomed can be used to treat areas of stubborn fat such as the stomach area, double chins, love handles, underarms and other areas.​

This procedure is very popular and booking early is advised. We look forward to your visit at our practice, and can't wait to welcome you to Cosmetics Laser Clinic in Mayfair.